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I got this in my email today should join the newsletter they send out.....

I got this in my email today as I belong to the rasputina newsletter and i thought it was related to both rasputina and news....caution graphic images behind link

the letter:
Rasputina is totally into morality!

It is immoral to lie.
It is immoral to kill any people (Or even injure them!).
It is immoral to subjugate any kind of people.
it is immoral to be acquisitive or greedy.

Don't you agree?

Look at this:

Rasputina is done touring for this year. We'll start new recordings
now. We'll probably be out recitaling in the spring. We hope to have a
live recording out then too. How We Quit the Forest will likely be
re-released with some extras in the coming year.

If that woman related to Mr. Rauis (Rains) sees this, could she write
to me again? I lost her email long ago. She's related to him! He was an
opera singer from Hamburg, I believe. Can you believe it?!

I hope to have new merch up in the next couple of days for X-mas time.
These will include Brain-Oil perfume, a new poster, Cabin Fever
sheet-music folios, and Frustration tour shirts.

See you later,
Melora & Rasputina

end of letter

I'm glad to know im not alone & I'm excited for the re-ralease of How We Quit the Forests
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