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Two quick CD sales - Rasputina & Cocteau Twins

I pulled some stuff off of my shelf this weekend to start organizing for sale, so here's two rare items you can buy from me directly instead of hassling with eBay. These would both make great gifts for a collector or fan.

1) Rasputina - "How We Quit the Forest" - special promo edition with full-color booklet, out of print.

This is not the usual CD-in-jewelbox format (which is out of print itself); this is a special pre-release promotional edition in an oversized cardstock folio. You can see the front of it here, but the real treasure is inside: 10 full-color pages of Melora's trademark collage art, not reproduced anywhere else that I know of. The illustrations are NOT the same ones in the regular CD release's booklet; they are all oversized just like the folio.

No copies of this appear to be for sale on eBay. Amazon lists one with the disc slightly scratched at $39.99 and one in very good condition at $59.99. Even copies of the regular album are listing on half.com for up to $49.99. This copy is in very good condition; there are very slight dings on the edges of the paper folio, but the disc is perfect and has been played perhaps once or twice.

My price: $55.00.

2) Cocteau Twins - CD single box set, out of print.

Some of the Twins' best work was on their many EPs, which were never collected until this set was released. 10 CDs in an elegant burgundy box; you can see the track listing here. Amazon lists this collection starting at $105; half.com lists one with a very worn box for $69.99 and others for $115 and up. This one is in terrific condition, other than a little dust on the box top.

My price: $100.

Please comment or contact me at elusis (at) rmta (dot) org if you'd like to purchase one or both. We'll figure out payment and shipping. I have feedback of 289 on eBay, earned since 1998. Feel free to pass this on if you know of communities that might be interested.
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