The Official Licker of the Remus (a_tookish_gal) wrote in cello_rock,
The Official Licker of the Remus

HELLO! *waves*

I am new to the community! :) I saw Rasputina last May in Columbia, SC! They. were. AMAZING! I love them! Are there any other bands similar to them y'all would recommend? If so, do y'all have any music you'd be willing to share? I have a TON of music I could share as well! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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I recently discovered this group, and am anxious to see them perform here in Seattle! I'm sure they've been here before, but I didn't see them. I'm a folk musician, songwriter and fan of the late Jacqueline du Pre, the ultimate cello rocker (I wonder if she influenced the Rasputina cellists?)! Anyway, I'll have to check out their current calendar to see when they'll be up here next...

Heheh, I'm from Seattle too. Rasputina played at Chop Suey last May. They're pretty awesome live.

Anyways, to answer your question Mandy, Apocalyptica is a (Finish?) cello rock band. They're quite different than Rasputina, but I descovered that I LOVE all the Metallica covers that they do.
Oh and by music do you mean sheet music or CD's (because I have both lol)
CD's hehe ;) OMG, you have sheet music too....AWESOME! ;)
CD's for now ;)
Do you happen to have any of their songs? They seem AWESOME and I'd LOVE to hear them.
I was having a mocha at Coffee Messiah in Capitol Hill yesterday; alas, they no longer have open mics, and someone adopted the house cat. But I did get to hear most of "Frustration Plantation" on their stereo! Now I want my own copy...

...I just joined Rasputina's email list, as I'm anxious to get advance warning of their next date in Seattle! I discovered that they performed at last fall's Faerieworlds Festival in North Plains, Oregon, which sounds like a great time. I really must get out of my home state more often...