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I'm new here. I'm 18, and love Rasputina and my celli. I got hooked on cello rock a couple of years ago at camp when I heard Apocolyptica for the first time, discovered Rasputina a few months ago and absolutely love them too.
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Bonfire Madigan?
love B.Mad!

vocals and celli, how could you not?
Hahah I heard about Apocalyptica at a camp too lol and Raspy is awesome. I was just listening to Apocalyptica's 'One' a few seconds ago.
one of my violist friends had Cult, so the first song I ever heard was Hall of the Mountain King. that was a few years ago. this year at camp we played a couple of their songs during tech class, don't remember which ones though.
me and my friends were planning on starting our own little electric celli group, but never happened cuz we all moved away :( would've been fun though. I've written a couple of songs for it, but they're no where near complete yet- my attention span sucks.
I just saw Rasputina live for the first time last night!! Completely amazing how they can make a complete band out of two cellos/celli and a drumset. Now, if only I could have seen and heard better from the adults-only balcony...