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Last night

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, last night my sister nataie went to a rasputina concert, she was like 2 inches from zoe!, lucky bitch! She thinks i copyied her with the rasoutina thing but when we got the dilias soundtrack when i was like 9 i was like hooked, they r so damn sexi,why-e-i-e-i is my bleedin hear beat-tin, why-e-i-e-i am i feeling no pain? why-e-i-e-i do i cry when i say good? why-e-i-e-i when im calling your name! sorry im listening to that song, rasputina is so cool. melorah is sooooooo pretty, same with zoe, ::cries:: ui was suppost go to 3 concerts but 1 was in a bar and i was sick 2 times, well the first one i faked sick so i could get ready, choose my outfit and to be rasputina-ized, god i luv them, thank god there is a community, now there is a place where i can brag about how sexi rasputina is! WE FOUND AN OLD DOLL LYING DOWN IN THE GRASS, THE DOLL HAD SPECIAL POWERS WE SAID A BLACK MASS
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